How Poor and Rich People From Around the World Live

How Poor and Rich People From Around the World Live

Dollar Street is a unique project that takes an intimate look at how people from all over the world lead their daily lives. About 30,000 photos of 264 families from 50 different countries have been taken over the course of this project. Some people manage to survive on just $27 per month, while others earn more than $10,000. This contrast makes us think about life from a variety of unique perspectives and also helps us look at ordinary things differently.

Bright Side is eager to show you 7 families from the Dollar Street project.

The Butoyi family, Burundi (monthly income $27)

Imelda is a 41-year-old single mother and a farmer. There is no water or electricity in her 2-room house. Imelda spends 80% of her income on food and she and her family dream of having a better house.

This is where they live now.

This is what a typical lunch looks like.


The way to their water source takes 40 minutes.

The kids call these textbooks their favorite toy.

The Gacotera family, the Philippines (monthly income $194)

40-year-old Leo is a farmer and a lumberjack. He has been living in their house since his birth. Leo’s wife, 36-year-old Maria, doesn’t work. They are raising 3 sons. 50% of their income is spent on food. Currently Leo and Maria are collecting money for building a new roof and they dream about having a big, new house.

Their house

Sitting room


Favorite item

Here is what the Gacotera family’s dream house looks like

The Kiriny family, Russia (monthly income $578)

60-year-old pensioner, Vasiliy, and 57-year-old social teacher, Olga live together with their 17-year-old daughter Varvara, who is a student. Their apartment has 2 bedrooms. They spend 70% of their income on food and they are planning to buy an LCD TV. They dream about living in a new apartment.

This is the house where the Kiriny family lives.


Study area


Cat: their beloved pet

The Hilgenstieler family, Brazil (monthly income $956)

28-year-old Vitor is a mechanic and 37-year old Schelina works in sales. The couple has a 4-year-old daughter named Helena. The family lives in a house with 3 bedrooms and they spend 40% of their income on food. They dream of being able to buy a car.

This is their house.

Sitting room



Helena’s favorite toys

The Moulefera family, France (monthly income $2,895)

Simo, a 42-year-old technician and Caroline, a 39-year-old architect are raising 2 kids. The family lives in a private house with 4 bedrooms. Simo and Caroline pay a monthly mortgage of $600, they spend about 30% of their income on food, can afford a vacation (they liked Morocco the most, so far), and they don’t save money.

This is their house.

Sitting room


Children’s room


The Västibacken family, Sweden (monthly income $4,883)

35-year-old Jonas and his 38-year-old wife Tove are managers. The couple is raising 2 sons and they live in a private house with 4 bedrooms and spend 30% of their income on food. Jonas and Tove like traveling and are saving money for a new car. They consider their family photo album the most valuable thing they own at home.

This is their house.



Children’s room


The Bi family, China (monthly income $10,098)

All adult members of the family (57-year-old Bi Hua, his wife Yue Hen, and his niece Meng with her husband) all work together in their family business. They live in an apartment with 3 bedrooms and spend 30% of their income on food.

This is their apartment.

Sitting room


One of the bedrooms

Their most valuable possession is this guitar.

Of course, happiness is not just about money. There are many more important things like love, mutual understanding, respect, and friendship. But no one would disagree that it’s difficult to live a full life when basic needs like water, food, and shelter are not satisfied completely.

How much money do you need to feel confident in making it to tomorrow? We are so curious to read your answers in the comments!

Preview photo credit Dollar StreetDollar Street

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