11-month-old boy ‘clinging to life’ after falling into boiling water – he needs all of our prayers

As a mother or father, our primary instinct is to look after the baby we have given life to.

Sadly, try as we might, accidents do happen. A series of unfortunate events can play out on any given day, sometimes rendering you incapable of protecting the thing you love most in the world.

One mom, Tetyana Chernenko of Ukrania, needs our prayers after her 11-month-year-old boy Daniil fell into a bucket of boiling water, suffering severe burns all over his body …

For Tetyana and her baby boy, bath time is a daily routine that has been going on unchanged and unperturbed for the past 11 months.

Things were altered one day, however, after the mom did as usual in filling a bucket with boiling hot water and hauling it into the bedroom.

She placed it next to the table and began to initialize the process of mixing cool water in so her baby could take his bath.

It was when she turned around the collect cold water, however, that tragedy struck.

“I saw how he fell in the boiling water. I rushed to the bucket and pulled him out,” Tetyana told local reporters, as per The Sun.

“I hugged him, then wrapped in a cotton cloth. When I unwrapped him I saw his skin was peeling off.”

Rushed to hospital

Daniil was rushed immediately to hospital in Odesa in critical condition. It transpired that at least 80 percent of his little body was covered in serious burns, with only his fingers, toes, and forehead spared.

Doctors at the hospital confirmed they are doing everything possible to save Daniil’s life, but did not want to discuss his chances of survival.

Nurses, meanwhile, added that the boy’s voice has grown hoarse from continuous crying.

Vadim Shukhtin, head of Odessa Region Clinical Hospital, said: “His condition is very serious. The boy receives all possible treatment and medication.”

Police are treating the incident as an accident, though mom Tetyana naturally remains distraught with herself.

Horrific accidents like this can happen in the blink of an eye, particularly around young children who are obviously more unpredictable. Please help us spread this story in the hope that nothing like this comes to pass again!



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