10 year old boy separated from family in wilderness gets out alive

Malachi Bradley, 10, separated from family in the Utah wilderness gets out alive. (YouTube)

The things that children play with and how they entertain themselves throughout history have varied greatly. In recent times, children used to join the Boy Scouts, where they learned important survival skills such as building a fire or how to find shelter. But these days, instead of the great outdoors, children seem to want to play in the virtual world.

The boy below is one of those rare children whose father took his smartphone away long enough for him to learn some survival skills in the wilderness. It’s a good thing that he paid attention to his dear father because it actually saved his life!

The 10-year-old boy separated from family in wilderness gets out alive

Malachi Bradley, 10, caught the attention of national news when his survival story surfaced. He was hiking in the Utah wilderness with his family when he accidentally strayed off course.

Malachi wandered to forage for some wild mushrooms to cook with the fish that he had caught near Paul Lake. But, he never returned to the campsite. Utah’s High Uintas Wilderness rugged terrain can be quite challenging for even the hardiest of mountain men, so Malachi’s parents probably thought they’d never see him again.

30 hours after Malachi disappeared, he was found safe and sound. His family asked not to be identified, but they were happy that this story had a happy ending.

However, there’s still a loose end to everyone wants a reply-how did this 10-year-old get out alive? Children may be pretty tenacious, but Malachi held on because his life literally depended on it.

His aunt said Malachi and his friends were playing a game a week before the trip, “What would we do if we were lost?”



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